Aerodynamics Inventor Alan Adler wrote, “Organizational culture is a civilization in the workplace.”

Workplace as civilization…Hmmm.

Which would you rather lead?
• A culture of capable of developing the mathematical breakthrough, Algebra? (Thank you, 9th century Persia!)
• The entrepreneurial incarnation of the Salem Witch Trials? (Looking at you, 1690’s Massachusetts…)

When everyone on your team is working towards the same goal, the result can be industry-changing breakthroughs worth writing books about.

On the other hand, when trust and accountability are absent and a cutthroat mentality reigns, success is nothing but a pipe dream.

My examples are extreme. They seem obvious. However, when you are in the middle of a sh*tstorm, nothing is obvious.

When I visit a client’s office for the first time, after speaking with 2-3 employees or managers alone for 5 minutes or less, and I can usually tell whether you culture is a progressive Persia or mayhem-ridden Massachusetts.

In organizational cultures that don’t suck, everyone is “paddling in the same direction”. The leadership is transparent. Managers don’t micro-manage, and your best workers remain your top performers because they trust you to keep the ship moving forward.

Your customers and vendors feel it as they interact with your team. Every transaction enriches the relationship. Your brand is represented with a smile.

Your culture may not look like Salem, circa 1692—I sure hope not—but wherever it fits in the spectrum, I can help you make the necessary adjustments to make it even better.

Tell me about your culture. What are you proud of? What do you see as improvable? Leave a comment below — I reply to every one.

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