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Welcome to the JohnandTom360 Podcast!

Before the JohnandTom360 Podcast, these two guys — who had almost nothing in common — shared the unlikeliest of bromances.

John’s high school career ended with a GED rather than a cap and gown, while Tom graduated from the University of Illinois with accolades.

John’s wardrobe is heavy on the cargo shorts, t-shirts, and Cavs caps — generally worn backwards. Tom’s more of a starched button-down kind of guy.

John’s tattoos have taken over the majority of available real estate on his body. Tom’s ink is limited to the pen in his pocket.

John’s muscles qualify as a concealed weapon. Tom’s muscles…Tom’s muscles? <crickets chirping>

But if you peer below surface appearances, you’ll realize these two are nothing less than kindred spirits.

Tom is a business coach and author with forty years of experience starting, buying, and selling businesses and guiding others as they do the same. John is the owner of a thriving service business as well as the co-founder of an educational company recognized worldwide as the undisputed leader in the industry of Dent Removal.

Tom’s office is overflowing with books on business, spirituality, leadership, and success. John’s library is in his pocket, and he “reads” via headphones. Yet their collections are identical — the only difference is the content medium.

Tom connects with his spirit guides on vision quests, hikes, and silence in the wilderness. John begins each day with traditional prayer. But both believe there is more than one road to the promised land.

JohnandTom360 grew out of a shared desire to help others fulfill their potential in life — to show entrepreneurs, business owners, and anyone who aspires to control his or her financial future, how to embrace the power that comes from being the best version of themselves, every day.

Join us as we educate, inform, and (often at our own expense) entertain you with proven tools, won’t-hear-anywhere-else tips, exclusive interviews with extraordinary guests, and actionable strategies that will help you achieve the True Wealth, True Health, and True Life you desire.

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