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Thank you for RSVP’ing to my upcoming Loyal Soldier Course – I’m really excited about this!

By now you should have received your order receipt via email. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me.

Once we get closer to the launch date, I will send you another email with instructions on how to access the course material.


Here’s a reminder of what you’ll learn:

Learn how to use Lieutenant Onoda’s experience as a springboard to tremendous accomplishment and productivity. I break his story down into ten modules.

To begin with, you’ll learn how to identify your loyal soldier and when he or she shows up. I’ll give you some tools to check his work, and see if his advice is meant for you, or the child you used to be. As you get to know and recognize his or her traits, you’ll be able to separate fact from fear. Lieutenant Onoda would have benefited from updates from headquarters.

I’ll show you how you can update your Loyal Soldier and begin the process of helping him adjust to life in peacetime. I told you that I’ve named my Loyal Soldier, Eliot. I’ll show you how giving your loyal soldier a name, will help you begin the peace process. When you welcome your Eliot home, you will begin to turn the corner and be pointed towards new heights of productivity and joy.

And then, the really cool stuff starts to happen. I’ll introduce you to your back-up. Imagine having a partner who is nearly the complete opposite of Eliot. In fact, he or she is the best possible version of yourself.

This is a game changer. Get ready to meet your champion.

I am confident this course will support your needs and goals as you move forward on your Lifeness journey.

Thank you again!


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