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Author of Lifeness: Harmonize an Entrepreneurial Life


You’ve probably experienced great success in your life.
You’re a seeker. A risk taker. Always have been.
You’ve also experienced failure and loss.
Maybe you’ve been broke. More than once.
If this sounds like your story,
Welcome home.


Over the past 40 years, I’ve experienced the extreme highs and lows that are
an integral part of the entrepreneurial journey.

I’ve bought and sold businesses across multiple industries.
I’ve raised millions of dollars to start/purchase businesses with no credit or proven track record.
Wherever you are on your business path,
I’ve probably been there and have the scars and stars to prove it.
I’ve had it all and lost it.
Found it…and lost it again.
Found it and kept it!

This is what I do:

• I listen to the stories told to me by business owners.
• I meet with their teams.
• I observe their culture.
• I illuminate their blind spots.
• I look for clues.
• I poke around.
• I question assumptions.
• I infiltrate.
• I look at systems, processes, strategy.
• I ask more questions.
• Why? When? How? Cost? Profit? Loss?
• I could keep going, but I think you get the point.


Are you open to sharing the binoculars with
A fresh set of eyes to help your business reach its full potential?

I’m here to help you avoid the potholes lurking in your path.
The ones you see in front of you now,
And the ones ready to jump up out of nowhere and bring you to your knees.

You have achieved great success on the power of your brains, discipline, and self-belief.
You’ve powered through many challenges. On your own.

To break through your challenges and rise beyond the limits of what is currently possible:
Would it help to have a person you trust doing these things with you and your team?
Would it help to brainstorm with a trusted advisor whose sole interest was in your success?
Of course it would!

Business Coaching to Close the Gap

 When the results you see don’t match the goal you set…

It’s time to Call Tom Rubens.

Whether you call yourself Entrepreneur, Owner, Founder, or President…

You’re the one who calls the shots.

You’re the one your people count on.

You’re the one who knows what your business is capable of — and you’re committed to doing what it takes to get there.

But as anyone who’s spent even a week in business knows, there is the path to success in theory.

And there’s the path to success in real life.

Whether you’re looking to scale your business, launch a new product line, bring on the best staff possible, or transform your enterprise into a turnkey profit generator…

You see yourself standing on the edge of a gap

A gap between where you are, and where you want to be.

A gap between the goals you set, and how close you are to achieving them.

A gap between how things were “supposed to go”, and how they are now.

How you as a Business Owner respond to this gap makes all the difference between enriching your business – and life – with the fruits of your labor…

…and struggling year after year, wondering why your employees or customers just don’t “get it” like you do.

Fortunately, you don’t have to go it alone.

ENTER: Tom Rubens

The Accountability Factor

“Hi, I’m Tom Rubens!”

Over the last 40 years, I’ve founded, bought, sold, and managed businesses in industries as diverse as a commodity trading company, a real estate brokerage, investment groups, and minor league baseball and basketball franchises.

My four decades in business have taught me a painful yet profitable lesson — to address the biggest problems that drag down an organization (and the owner’s health and sanity with it), you need to look beyond the Balance Sheet.

From intra-management bickering, to employee apathy, to products that should sell themselves but don’t, nearly every challenge I encounter in business is a symptom of the real problems:

Human nature.

Poor communication.

Great ideas followed by face-palming execution.

I founded The Accountability Factor to help business owners like you find the right solutions to the actual problems, to empower your staff to create a culture of productivity, and to close the gaps between where your business is…and where you want it to be.

The Results of Business Coaching with The Accountability Factor:

You’ll have to make fewer uncomfortable decisions (like firing employees, slashing salaries, or being forced to choose between family time and putting out fires)

You’re able to inspire and sustain productivity in your staff, which automatically boosts your bottom line.

Your personal accountability and sense of responsibility will become your brand.

You will recognize and build on your strengths — the most organic form of business leverage — that allow you to increase revenue without sacrificing your profit margins.

Business Coaching to Close the Gap

Because owning a profitable business and having the life you always dreamed of don’t have to be mutually exclusive.

Your first Coaching Call is on me.

I guarantee you will remember our conversation for the next 10 years — THAT is how much clarity Business Owners have during a single Coaching Call.

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