Welcome Discover Your Talent Listeners


You probably just heard me on the Discover Your Talent podcast.

I hope you had as much fun listening to us, as I did talking with Don Hutcheson. He is a great host who is passionate about presenting people and ideas that can make a substantial difference in the lives and businesses of his listeners.

Harmonizing our business and personal lives is a big deal with me. I work with my clients to make sure the businesses (and cultures they have created within those businesses) reflect the values they display in their homes, with their families, and among their friends.

Within MasterCoach Forum, we have an intentionally curated group of elite coaches committed to accountability, collaboration, and business growth. Unlike most groups, membership in MasterCoach Forum is by invitation only, and acceptance is not guaranteed.

  • Don’t join this group unless you are prepared to double your practice. I know that’s a bold statement, but that is exactly what you can expect from MasterCoach Forum.
  • We have five spots left in the group, and I don’t want you to miss out.
  • This is a paid mastermind, exclusively for coaches who are committed to separating themselves from the avalanche of internet dreamers looking for six figure riches without leaving their parents’ basement.

****Please note: This is a paid mastermind and the cost is $600 per month. It is expected and understood that each approved applicant is committed to remain in the group for at least six months.****

If you think you might be a fit, I invite you to go to mastercoachforum.com to learn more and apply.

Not sure if MasterCoach Forum is for you, lets hop on Zoom and talk it out.

In any case, let’s stay connected. Please leave your email below, and I’ll keep you in the loop…and occasionally send out some pretty cool stuff!

Tom Rubens

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