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Tom Rubens Coaching = Real, Quantifiable Results

Here’s a bit of news for you:

Most Business Owners don’t wake up first thing in the morning, throw their arms to the sky, and shout, “If only I had a Business Coach!”


Yet the same challenges I’ve seen business owners struggle with over the last 40 years are the challenges that effective business coaching solves.


Because working with a Business Coach is not like having a cheerleader who tells you what you want to hear, or buying the real-life equivalent of a corporate motivational poster.


There’s a reason that the greatest athletes of all time have coaches — Michael Jordan, Michael Phelps, Venus and Serena Williams.


Because in professional sports, as in entrepreneurship and business ownership, there are goals to achieve.


Number of Wins. Number of Customers. Number of Profits.


Having a goal that you’re moving heaven and earth to achieve means you need to keep “blinders” on to avoid distractions — no Shiny Object Syndrome, please and thank you!


Unfortunately, it’s this relentless focus on a goal — exceeding the quota, launching a new product, securing funding — that can end up blocking you from recognizing the right solution when you hit an obstacle.


A Business Coach gives you a second set of eyes in your business, allowing you to recognize the actual causes of the challenges you face, and see the right path around them.

One-time clients become repeat clients because I help them discover and utilize the solutions that were already there — they simply needed an objective viewpoint to recognize the right path forward…


And an empathetic guide who helped them remain accountable to staying on that path.


I call my clients’ commitment to their own success — and my role to ensure they don’t veer off-course — the “accountability factor.”


As an Entrepreneur and Business Owner, you want results — and you wanted them yesterday. That’s why you will never hear me waste your time with sky-high but skin-deep promises of “reaching seven figures,” “exploding your profits”, or “skyrocketing your success.”


Any self-proclaimed coach who promises results without action for you, the Business Owner, is not a coach but a shaman who doesn’t even understand the meaning of their own job title.


I coach differently; I don’t tell you what to do or what to say. Instead, I help you determine what kind of people you and your staff need to be in order to get the results you want — and then we work together as you become the type of person who automatically achieves the results you want.


Are you ready to become the next success story?

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