I consider accountability to be such a vital element of a productive life that I initially named my business The Accountability Factor.

When I use the word accountability, I refer to the state of integrity, where we can be counted upon to live up to our agreements and be good for our word.

I don’t use it in the way we might use it with our children. For example, “I expect you to have the car back by 11. If it’s not in the garage by then, I’m going to hold you accountable, and you won’t be driving it next weekend.”

That is demeaning and pejorative. I see accountability as empowering. With my clients, I frequently function as an accountability partner. Someone with whom you share your intentions, and who will support you on your journey towards achieving them.

I won’t treat you like a child, but I will be with you whenever you need me, in whatever way you need me, every step of the way.

Are you ready to live an accountable life? Are you ready to lead your business with a foundation solidly built upon your own accountability? If so, give me a call or drop me a line, and let’s get started.

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