A Business Culture That Doesn’t Suck 201

Aerodynamics Inventor Alan Adler once wrote, “Organizational culture is a civilization in the workplace.”

Let’s take him literally.

Do you want your business to be the equivalent of one that develops the mathematical breakthrough, Algebra? (Thank you, 9th century Persia!)

Or do you want yours to be the modern-day entrepreneurial incarnation of the Salem Witch Trials? (Looking at you, 1690’s Massachusetts…)

Maybe this is an extreme example, but when everyone in your business is working towards the same goal, the result is industry-changing breakthroughs worth writing books about.

And when no one trusts anyone else in a cutthroat environment, the lowest common denominator is expendable. Unjust hirings and firings, unplanned delays, and unforeseen errors litter such a company’s trail through the marketplace.

Yes, I am intentionally creating a vivid contrast between good cultures and bad ones. To me as a Business Coach, they really are that obvious. All I need to do is speak with 2-3 employees or managers alone for 5 minutes or less, and I can tell whether you culture is a progressive Persia or mayhem-ridden Massachusetts.

In organizational cultures that don’t suck, everyone is “paddling in the same direction”. The leadership is transparent about profits and losses. Nobody feels the need to take a mental vacation on Facebook every 15 minutes. Managers don’t micro-manage. And your best workers remain your top performers because they trust you to compensate them for going above-and-beyond.

This richness overflows into your customers’ and vendors’ experience, too. They appreciate every transaction like it’s a relationship; every employee happily represents you and your brand with a smile.

I know because it’s been my job as a Business Coach for the better part of a decade and a half to transform disasters into delights, crippled cultures into crazy-engaged ones.

So tell me about your culture. What are you proud of? What do you see as improvable? Leave a comment below and tell me — I reply to every one.

Are you ready to become the next success story?

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