Are Business Coaches Really Worth It?

Let me ask you something.

What exactly is the job of a Business Coach?

Most people think of the obvious connection to Coaching in other areas, like Sports.

Michael Jordan had Phil Jackson, Phil Mickelson had Butch Harmon, The Tennessee Lady Vols had Pat Summitt.

It can be argued that the legends and champions who earn 60-minute specials on ESPN would be names lost to history without their Coaches.

A Coach sees the player’s strengths, and trains him or her to build on them; the Coach sees the player’s weaknesses, and either helps him or her compensate for them. . .or make them irrelevant altogether.

What is not the Coach’s job?

To do the work.

To run the plays.

To hit the gym.

To execute at crunch time.

That’s the player’s job; if the Coach did their due diligence and prepared the player, then he or she will do the work right, run the play perfectly, hit the gym with motivation, and turn crunch time into a highlight reel.

Let’s carry this example back into the entrepreneurial world.

Business Coaches like Jay Abraham charge $5,000 per hour not because his role is to make a Chief Executive’s decision — it’s to offer objective 3rd party counsel that ensure the Chief Executive will make the right decision.

When a Fortune 50 corporation has billions of dollars and (potentially) millions of consumers on the line, you can bet the Board expects their C-Level men and women to consult with a Coach like Jay.

Forget Fortune 50’s for a minute — even small businesses with fewer than 50 employees benefit from the wisdom and guidance of a Business Coach.

Year after year, my own clientele grows — as do the number and type of challenges I help solve.

From making a key acquisition (or avoiding a bad one) to hiring the right new team (or properly firing an ineffective one) to scaling back unnecessary expenses (or scaling up investments that produce a return), my role is never to tell an Owner or Entrepreneur what to do. . .

It’s to walk them through a decision-making process that allows them to eliminate every bad decision and find the best resolution there is.

Coaching like that is the difference between merging with a company that becomes deadweight, and one that skyrockets your influence in the marketplace.

It’s the difference between wasting $50,000+ per bad hire, and onboarding high-performers who make your goals theirs.

It’s the difference between dumping your profits into the giant paper shredder that is inefficient operations, and earning 10X your money on investments that let you sleep at night.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing stories from my portfolio of work with businesses large and small.

I’ll give you unprecedented access to my Co-Pilot’s chair so you can see how I solve organizational challenges starting from day one of my work with a new client.

You especially don’t want to miss the case study where a few simple shifts in my client’s mindset transformed a multi-million dollar debt into a profit margin so large they are in M&A mode.

More to come!

Are you ready to become the next success story?

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